At CRBN, we believe in creativity. We are happy to take custom carbon fiber product requests from our CRBNfam.

For us to help your vision come to life, please send us an email on with a detailed description of what you would like made, covering the points below. Please include details such as the following;

  • Type of product and its functionality (e.g., keychain or mouse pad)
  • Size of the product (we will advise you on what size best suits the product with your estimate in mind)
  • Type of carbon fiber weave (plain, twill or forged)
  • Number of pieces (minimum of 1)
  • An image that inspired you for reference (if any)

If you have designed the item you want yourself, please attach the black and white design using PDF format. This way we will remove the design charge, and you will only be charged based on the production itself.

Once you’ve sent the email with the required details, please allow us a few working days to get back to you with the quotation and any recommendations that we may have.

Thank you for being part of the CRBNfam!

Terms & Conditions 

All custom orders at AED 6.99/cm squared. The size of the item will be measured using a box which is tightly fitted around the design, considering that the majority of the space around the cut will be unusable. 

In the case of an entirely new custom design, the price will include consultation with the designer and a sampling process before moving into production. This is a one time fee, which is currently priced at AED 50.

Depending on the quantity, discounts will apply! 

Design Requirements:

  1. All cuts within the design must be linked since the cut will go through the product completely. Any parts without links will fall out. E.g., while cutting the letter O, the center of the design will fall out, and the cut will no longer look like the letter O, but it will look like a regular circle instead.
  2. Smallest cut thickness must be over 1mm since the drill bits we use are precisely 1mm thick.